Sports coaching – unleash the champion in you!

Top sporting performances are not only the result of talent and physical fitness: the higher the performance level, the more your mental strength decides between victory or defeat. Winning a competition and becoming or even remaining Number 1 takes all parts of the athlete’s body – in a perfect interplay between mind and body.

In our sports coaching sessions, we support sportsmen and sportswomen, teams and trainers to achieve and retain their maximum sporting potential by working on the following points:

  • Discovering and correcting performance blocks
  • Building mental strength
  • Boosting self-awareness
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Preventing injuries

We will accompany you on your road to achieving your personal best performances.

  • Opponents yesterday – teammates today.

    In team sports, it is not only the individual performances of the individual athletes that counts – only the perfect teamwork will result in victory. Teams have even greater challenges to overcome than individual athletes: along with the pressure to perform individually, you have to deal with the pressure of helping your team to victory.

    The foundation for teamwork is mutual trust and confidence. We analyze potential conflicts between team members and/or their coaches and trainers, moderate and then resolve these. The goal of our team coaching sessions is to create a strong group dynamic with which individual capabilities are increased:

    • Improving trust and the group dynamic
    • Solving conflicts within the team
    • Promoting emotional and mental competences
    • Determining obstacles to success and turning these into performance incentives
    • Coaching individual players in order to strengthen the overall team
  • Using pressure as a motivator.

    Best performances in training, mediocre in competitions? Particularly in top-level sports, athletes face performance blocks because there is so much riding on the competition. Our sports coaching sessions help athletes to achieve or to even go beyond their best performances in competitions. Together, we will come up with a training plan which makes this possible. We set out clearly defined goals which should be achievable in an appropriate timeframe. After comprehensive analysis of the current situation, the right assistance and support for each individual will be determined.

    Sport coaching sessions can contribute to overcoming obstacles which we ourselves have built up in our minds. In line with the motto “Do not believe everything that you think”, sports coaching can help with:

    • Mental blocks and nerves in competitive situations
    • Pressure to perform
    • Fear of failure
    • Injuries and fear of new injuries
    • Fear of audience/fans

    Mental training forms part of the fixed training plan of top-level athletes. You, too, can use the methods of the best sportsmen and sportswomen around.

  • Team player or individual competitor? Producing and using “mental bite”.

    • Producing success
    • Handling success
    • Preventing injuries mentally
    • Dealing with injuries mentally
    • Speedy comeback after an injury/accident
    • Using pressure positively
    • Getting to grips with your fear of failure

    Our work generally starts when a young athlete reaches the age of roughly 15 years. Silvia Maute CSC has been working in the fields of motorsport and football, amongst others, for many years on the issue of “I must accept injuries. By controlling my fear of new accidents or injuries, I can massively support a speedy comeback to sport.”

    Every coaching session is designed with the needs of the individual athlete in mind.