Satisfied people – successful teams

The economic success of a company is based on the commitment of its employees. Just like how you can only win in team sports when the whole team plays well together. Silvia Maute’s seminars support her clients in fulfilling their full potential. Since success simply is not possible without inner satisfaction, these seminars will take into account the individual values of the participants and can thus be life ‘signposts’ for each and every individual.

  • Self-worth generates self-love
  • The power of words
  • Charisma and body-language
  • Mental training
  • Prevention through exercise
  • Fire-walking und outdoor events
  • Inner strength – the secret behind successful teams.

    Silvia Maute comes up with seminars for companies on an individual basis – depending on the goals and demands of the customer.

    The following seminar topics are currently offered:

    PLAN “A” – the road to setting life targets

    Being mentally strong has now become an often-used slogan. But what does mental strength actually mean and how can you achieve it? The seminar outlines how to approach your Plan A – your most important plan, incidentally – with mental strength. After all, employees and leaders who have a Plan B as well as a Plan A tend not to be 100% committed to fulfilling their Plan A.

    To begin with, the participants will establish an overall picture of the project. What is the common goal – either private or professional? How can you set concrete goals for realizing the project? And who sets the goals? The employees themselves or the leader who perhaps only has little insight into the working area concerned? As a result of the seminar, the participants will have a concrete plan of action for going about realizing their Plan A.

    BALANCE THE CHALLENGE – the road to success can be planned

    How can I reconcile all of the demands of life, how can I use my time optimally, both private and professional?

    The seminar delivers answers and solutions as well as simple tips which can be immediately integrated into your everyday (working) life. All of us have to fulfil new demands in our professional and private lives and many of us actively seek new challenges. However, the high expectations that we place upon ourselves, in our jobs and our private lives, put us under increasing pressure. The seminar shows how you can find the right balance to achieve your goals whilst maintaining your inner calmness and satisfaction.

    THE SPIRIT OF GROWTH – the road to personal change

    How can I get the ‘rules’ of private and professional success to work for me? That is the central question of this seminar. What foundations do you need to be successful in life? The seminar deals with a variety of life issues, such as relationships, appreciation, career, health, happiness and money. With the aid of mental training, the personal views of the participants on these issues will be recognized, worked through and, where necessary, changed.

    With regards to company seminars, the structure and mindset of the company, planned changes, goals, problems, hierarchies and other issues can be consciously integrated into the seminar at the mental level.

    The slogan from this joint experience will be: I am clear about and willing to change… and am ready to implement my individual goals and the goals that I share with other people!

  • I am strong on my own, but I am unbeatable with my team.

    Nowadays, leaders are put under great pressure from all sides. On the one hand, they must manage their employees in such a way that they remain loyal to the company. Loyal employees give the outside world a positive impression of the company, resign less frequently and are rarely ill.

    On the other hand, leaders are responsible for successful economic results. This pressure can often be felt to be excessive by leaders and can end in stress and burnout.

    In the workshops for leaders, Silvia Maute deals with all of the factors which have an impact on the personal health of leaders and which shape the success of their teams.

    Silvia Maute comes up with individual concepts for companies which are geared towards the goals of the client.

  • This series of seminars provides interested parties with the opportunity to learn more about Silvia Maute’s working methods.

    Silvia Maute regularly organizes open events and seminars, primarily for company employees; however, spouses and friends (amongst others) can also take the opportunity to participate in this series of seminars.

    Often-booked seminar:

    THE SPIRIT OF GROWTH – the road to personal change.

    Each of us has two sides – our ‘private’ side and our ‘professional’ side. This seminar deals with the very essence of people. By means of mental training, the personal reality experienced by the participants of their structure, relationships, appreciation, career, health, happiness, money etc. will be recognized, worked through and, where necessary, changed.

Concepts: turning the seemingly impossible into the possible

Concepts: turning the seemingly impossible into the possible

Along with professional development, personal development is becoming increasingly important for more and more people. Seminars on personality, mental and motivational training and health management can help people to move forward.

Concepts represent a completely individual seminar design. Silvia Maute and her team take care of the entire organization of the seminars.


If you are interested in booking a coach for your event or if you would like Silvia Maute to completely organize an entire special seminar experience for you, then please give us a call. Following a modular principle, you can have as few or as many event blocks as you wish.

  • Grenzen ueberwinden

    Finding and then pushing boundaries.

    Forward-looking entrepreneurs have known it all along: sustainable success is only possible with a good team. But what can be done if employees cannot “get along with one another”, if they block each other instead of working together constructively towards common goals, or if the atmosphere is more bad than good? In such cases, team-building seminars can work wonders. Exciting exercises with individual outdoor elements, such as Pampers Pool, V-Cable etc., can turn competitors into colleagues who can then achieve great things together.

    It is equally important for teams, as it is for each one of us, to determine its goals. After all, without specific goals, we basically move aimlessly through life. A fire-walking seminar shows how much our goals influence both our future and, more particularly, our present. During the course of the seminar, the participants will discover and formulate their own personal goals and learn how to use these as a guiding tool for their journey through life.

    As a high point of the experiential education and the conclusion to this seminar, you will have the opportunity to walk through fire for your goals, thus giving the realization of your wishes a truly special dynamic.

    Of course, seminars of this kind are possible in all sorts of unusual places almost all over the world. Your imagination and the capabilities of Silvia Maute are (almost) limitless. Simply get in touch with her.

    • Accepting the past – living in the present.

      In difficult situations, a change of scene can really support the coaching work. Certain places can get your inner processes really functioning.

      You are facing
    • a major decision
    • a change
    • a new challenge in your professional or private life
      You are lacking
    • a Plan A
    • a goal
    • a strategy for success

    In these cases, Silvia Maute can offer you the option of an individual coaching journey with her as your personal coach. Destinations include, but are not limited to, Mallorca, Malta, Cornwall, Morocco, Azores, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland and Sylt. Or your own personal destination.