Coaching with Silvia Maute

Recognizing opportunities. Exploiting potential. Achieving goals.

Are you personally, your company or your team facing a particular challenge or are you going through a period of reorientation?

I’d be delighted to accompany you, your company or your employees through the realization of an intention or the finding of a solution to a problem as a coach. You are the expert when it comes to your problems and solutions and I am the expert when it comes to pointing out the way forward.

In my coaching sessions, you will learn how to think about alternatives and how to apply them, how to build up your own personal value-centered behavior and how to resolve your problems with new strategies.

By means of conversational therapy, accompanied by my five working pillars and based around my many years of advisory work in seminars for mental training, body language, appearance, communication, health prevention, self-motivation and much more, I have managed to establish my own personal manner of delivering individual coaching and have developed a holistic, integrated and patented individual coaching method.

Important: coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy as it presupposes that the client has a functioning self-control ability.

  • Assuming responsibility, working through problems and hurt, gaining happiness.

    Difficult situations and stresses in our professional and private worlds are a part of everyday life. However, many people have become all too used to taking life too seriously and making it harder than it actually is.

    In my coaching sessions, we formulate goals together which can be achieved in various different areas of life, such as work and family. I will support you in discovering any potential conflicting goals or mental blocks which will prevent you from sticking to your plans. In the process, we will promote self-awareness, come up with alternative courses of action and potential avenues for carrying out your plans in reality.

    Possible questions to which a coach can provide guidance include:

    • Why am I no longer able to withstand the pressure to perform?
    • Why do my relationships fail time and again?
    • Why do particular situations keep occurring in my life?
    • Why do I keep experiencing the same hurt time and again?
    • Why do I feel powerless and helpless?
    • Why do I feel as though I have lost control?
    • Why did I lose my job?
    • Why are my worries making me ill?
    • ...

    Fears which determine our lives can also seem less threatening with external help:

    • Fear of love
    • Fear of loss
    • Fear of losing control
    • Fear of the workplace
    • ...
  • Developing and growing. Both professionally and personally.

    Private and professional satisfaction depend greatly on one another. Emotional stress and unhappy relationships in our private and professional lives have a considerable impact on our physical regeneration.

    Untreated problems can lead to physical illness and burnout syndrome in the long run. But what can you do if one area of your life has lost its balance and it is having a negative effect on the rest of your life?

    In my coaching sessions, you will receive targeted feedback and improve your self-perception with regards to both your private and professional life. Together, we will look for suitable ways of solving your problem. We can also work through any difficulties you have in accepting decisions to ensure that you can regain your room for maneuver, both in your professional and private life.

    The topics covered by individual coaching are innumerable, but recurring issues include:

    • Being unhappy
    • Relationship problems
    • Being burned out
    • Bullying
    • Self-perception
    • Self-love
    • Suppression of reality
    • Self-observation
    • Self-motivation
    • ‘Me’ days
    • Making decisions
    • Self-value
    • Loneliness
  • Become what you are.

    What Nietzsche said in just four words appears to be more difficult than ever nowadays. Never before has a generation of young people had a bigger choice of educational opportunities and degree programs. What gives the impression of endless freedoms and possibilities at first glance, however, also creates a great deal of uncertainty for the young people of today. Which road should I follow? And what will happen if I make the wrong choice?

    Along with the multitude of opportunities, there are now greater expectations from the outside and inner insecurity continues to grow. The ever-increasing complexity of the world in the digital age has resulted in the pressure placed upon children and young people increasing relentlessly when it comes to education and training.

    In my coaching sessions, I work with young people to recognize their potential to ensure that they feel stronger in their private and professional futures. Together, we come up with suitable courses of action for when young people suffer from fear of exams, concentration lapses or impaired performance. In our conversations, we work on establishing a balance between school, family and free-time. The aim is to move away from stress in order to get closer to our own resources and flow condition.

    The young people of today are the leaders and employees of tomorrow.

    Possible topics to be discussed in coaching sessions with young people include:

    • Setting targets
    • Mental programming
    • Correcting mental blocks
    • Power of thought
    • Improvement in learning ability
    • Exam blocks – blackout
    • Self-love
    • Bullying
    • Self-recognition
    • Pressure to perform
    • Self-perception
    • Assertiveness
    • Self-value