When everything is a lie, it takes something stronger to find the truth

I am currently reading 8 books – one of my weird habits. Sometimes, people say to me: „People normally read one book to the end and then start the next book!“

But one of my responses is – WHAT is normal?

Without a doubt, deciding to start a new book every day and to read and to internalize a few pages trains the long-term memory!

My current books come from 5 different genres. Some people would say: „But it is completely exhausting to have to get back into a book after you have put it down for so long.“

I say: „It is a special kind of challenge to pick up a book, to turn to page 225 and to know immediately what I read on the previous 224 pages a few days beforehand.“

It only becomes a difficult challenge if the books or chapters are boring. But when this is the case, it almost feels like I have to read something about a subject matter which I really do not like for school. Which is where I ultimately trained my mental condition in the first place. It certainly makes it easier for me in my professional life to analyze and to sort through ‘intellectual garbage’, ‘poorly structured sections’, ‘untruths’, ‘difficult clients’, ‘political concrete’, ‘life lies’, ‘misrepresentations’, etc.

With this in mind -> always read one book or even two …

PS: of course, there are also books which lose my interest from the fifth page, which are catastrophic from the tenth page and I find it a shame for the paper upon which they are printed. I either do not buy these books at all or just get rid of them.