International Women’s Day

I am a WOMAN and I am so happy about it!

First and foremost, I am happy to be able to live in countries in which a WOMAN may wear trousers, may ride a bike without being whipped, may vote and may freely express her own opinion.

Of course, I am grateful to the suffragettes who had a massive role in guaranteeing our rights. However, it is unfortunate that over time – as society constantly changes – certain women seem to have been left behind.

Being a WOMAN! What does it actually mean?

  • Girls, mothers, lovers, career woman.

I am often asked the question „How many roles do I still have to play?“ in my coaching sessions.

My counter-question is: „You play roles? Note down all of the roles that you have to play and all of the roles that you want to live out.“

Result: —> The difference is generally not that big.

Where does the problem lie or, better put, what is the problem?  —> PERCEPTION

How can I change my perception?

How do I perceive my individual roles?

Do I like my life?


– My marriage only really exists on paper.

– My parents tell me how I should live my life in order to do justice to THEIR expectations.

– My life plan certainly involves children … but I have not been able to find THE right man for years.

– I want to achieve my next promotion. But I am currently competing against a male colleague.

TIP: analyze your issue using the following questions:

1. What is the current situation?

2. Where will I be in 2 or 5 years with regards to this issue?

3. Do I have any physical problems such as insomnia?

4. Come up with a 5-step plan to ensure that you can make the necessary changes!

(5 steps does NOT mean 4 steps NOR does it mean 6 steps!!!)

…Life writes unbelievable stories:

Just recently, the five-year-old daughter of one of my clients was sitting on my very long and big desk. She took one of my flyers, looked at the photo, looked at me, looked back at the photo and then said „It is good that you took this photo because you look much older now.“

I had to laugh, my client was super embarrassed and I said „Please do not change, you will be successful and will never need a women’s quota!“

PS: the photo was only taken a year ago…