Have you already made plans for 2019?

And how is it going now after more than six weeks of 2019? Have you already started to implement your plans? Or has January gone by without you working on your plans?

That is no reason for resignation or indeed to wait another year. We do not need the 31st December or a milestone birthday to put our plans into action. Every day provides us with the opportunity to start over. We can only act today; yesterday is in the past and we have not yet reached tomorrow. The here and now is the only time which we can actively shape. So, it is best to get started right away!

> Make a Plan A: what exactly are your goals, both professionally and personally?

Only those people who know their goals can stay on track. If the goal remains unclear, we will head somewhere altogether different.

> Come up with sub-goals:

Make ambitious plans! But to ensure that you can cope with the difficult times -> come up with smaller sub-goals.

> Put your goals down in writing:

Write down your goals – and with pen and paper. Specify a date by which you would like to have achieved your goal.

> Do not talk to others about your goals too prematurely:

Only when you have put your goals down in writing can you speak about them with other people. At a very early stage of your new project, doubters and well-intentioned advice can throw a spanner in the works.

> Visualize how it will feel when you have achieved your goal

Every morning, close your eyes again just after you have woken up and think about how you will feel on the day on which you achieve your goal.

> Most importantly – do not make a Plan B or C:

Many projects fail because we provide our brain with alternatives. However, to make sure this is not possible, concentrate on your original plans.