During my coaching sessions, many of my clients experience professional changes. They are often ‘leaders’.

Some people believe that they have to start to change their behavior… I say STOP: you became a leader because of your well-structured character – there is no need for change!

Bad decisions

How often have you held on to a private situation/relationship even though it is completely irrational to hold on to seemingly rational things?

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Have you been looking forward to your holiday for a long time? As you know, the excitement starts with the planning, then comes the booking, then comes the organizational stress and potentially finding someone to look after your affairs whilst you are away. Informing employees about ongoing work processes, always something at the back of your mind, always the thought „hopefully none of the children will become ill before we leave"…

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Positive thinking

In recent days, I have been repeatedly asked the same question: “Please tell me – how can I think positively!?”/>

All I can say: “You can only build the basic foundations for positive thinking if you stop thinking negatively. In turn, this can only be done if you learn to accept your past.”


If you are constantly postponing things that you need to do or decide, this can lead to sleeping disorders, aggressiveness and fears.

A wealth of time

After a hot summer, a cold winter will follow…  Use the transition phase – the TIME in fall – to reflect on what has happened.

What has happened in the TIME since fall last year?  What has changed?

What do I still need to work on mentally?   Who has changed my life for the better?

Take your TIME to write down your thoughts on these questions with a cup of tea or coffee on your sofa.

International Women’s Day

I am a WOMAN and I am so happy about it!

First and foremost, I am happy to be able to live in countries in which a WOMAN may wear trousers, may ride a bike without being whipped, may vote and may freely express her own opinion.

Of course, I am grateful to the suffragettes who had a massive role in guaranteeing our rights. However, it is unfortunate that over time – as society constantly changes – certain women seem to have been left behind.

Being a WOMAN! What does it actually mean?

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It is well known that communication between men and women is somewhat difficult.

Men often dodge difficult conversations which could lead to conflict, sometimes to retain the harmony in their relationships. The reason for this may be the conflict that they experienced between their parents when they were young.

Life quality

Each morning, think about something that you have been procrastinating about for a long time.
Write this thing down in short sentences.
And just GET ON WITH IT!

2 faces

It is purported that the Zodiac sign Gemini has 2 faces. And I must say that this is true ...

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Stringent sales strategy

What exactly is this?

In the last few days, we have managed to land a contract worth 200,000.00 euros. This is an extremely good amount regardless of which industry you are from!

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As soon as you have an idea, begin to picture it in your mind. To VISUALIZE it.

An idea is the start of a concept. Some of my clients are able to do this immediately, to ‘think in pictures’. If you are able to easily visualize things, but you are not able to visualize the ‘current idea’, it could well be that your mental level is telling you: ‘This idea is NOT for you.’


I am often confronted with the phrases: “My poor child. It is brutal what children have to learn today. It was never like that back in my day.”

All I can say: we, as a society, lived completely differently back then. The only way that children get mental stimulation at an early age today is by using electronic devices. And this means that many things come easier to them than they did to us…