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    Silvia Maute - Mental Coach and Trainer

    Mental coach and trainerin

    Silvia Maute is a mental coach and founded her consultancy company Silvia Maute Coaching, Seminars & Concepts more than 19 years ago

    Her principle: live and act in the present.

    Silvia Maute coaches companies, leaders, top-level athletes as well as all people who want to develop themselves personally

    In her coaching sessions, she places the focus on the participant and considers him/her as a ‘24-hour’ being for whom the mental and physical levels are always interacting. Her clients include several DAX companies as well as established medium-sized enterprises.


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    Silvia Maute

    Silvia Maute always sees human beings as a complete unit. In her opinion, mental difficulties and problems have an impact on the body and vice versa. Long before clients become aware of a mental problem, it has often already manifested itself in physical suffering. That is why she has five training ‘pillars’ in order to be able to help her clients on both levels. This wide-ranging training makes her work extremely effective and has proven to be successful particularly amongst top managers and leaders who have little free time available for coaching sessions.

    Silvia Maute works holistically. She is thus not only active as a mental coach, but also combines the prominent elements of successful forms of therapy with her own, patented 5-pillar method: Mental Prana Coaching©.

    • She works as a kinesiologist: energy blockades can be corrected and forces of self-adjustment can be activated with this technique.
    • With the help of Pranic Healing, she is able to bring the human energy system back into harmony when it has lost its balance due to negative stress, emotions or thoughts.
    • Therapeutic touch is used to alleviate stress symptoms.
    • Mrs. Maute can also treat traumatic experiences which have become fixed in the body and mind thanks to her training in cranio-sacral therapy.

    Along with her career as a coach and trainer, Silvia Maute has completed her commercial training and was employed as an Executive Assistant on the corporate side of things by the international engineering and service group Bilfinger und Berger AG. In her role as an interface between the company management and specialist departments, she was responsible for the organization of training sessions, seminars and other things over many years.

    With this experience and a clear observation that people can develop rapidly with the right coaching concept, Silvia Maute became a free-lance seminar manager and also completed a training course to become a mental coach in accordance with the NLP with her own practical experience as a coach and trainer.

    Her clients appreciate her understanding of the particular challenges faced by leaders and companies, amongst other things. Along with individual coaching sessions and corporate seminars, she also offers outdoor events and coaching journeys. She is also a mental trainer for top-level athletes. In recent years, she has released several books and CDs.