Can you think away pain?

Or even have mental control over pain?

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible not being confronted with disease-related topics throughout the day. We read about them in newspapers, see pharmaceutical advertising in shopping centers, watch documentations on TV, a neighbor tells us his medical history on the street etc.

Why do cancerous diseases increase in Germany per year according to statistics?

Of course, this is also due to inheritance, bad nutrition, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, the fear of falling ill as well, constantly observing your own body…until there is something growing inside you, eventually.

Meanwhile, even physicians state publicly (!) that in 70 % of all cancerous diseases, the real cause of disease cannot be found. However, the patient´s inner attitude definitely has something to do with it. His world of thought. Which brings us to my world of work.

People are capable of controlling pain in extreme situations. No matter if it is injuries, bone fractures or infections, our body possesses a so-called self-healing mode. We can activate this mode and medically support or suppress.

Even Hippocrates of Kos, the most famous physician of ancient times, on whose name physicians take their ethical oath, had already taught that man heals himself. A physician can treat the body but it must get well on its own.

Mental training means that I control my subconscious mind positively.

Psychoneuroimmunology investigates the interaction between mind, nervous and immune system. Unconscious mental conditions affect the entire metabolism via neural connections and hormones.

Oncologists have investigated many spontaneous remissions of cancerous tumors. Again and again, it has been found that the so-called “hopelessness” has a negative effect on the course of disease. Mental training and NLP techniques, however, seem to have a positive effect.

“I don´t have to believe in getting better, I must be willing to get better!” - Silvia Maute