Stringent sales strategy

What exactly is this?

In the last few days, we have managed to land a contract worth 200,000.00 euros. This is an extremely good amount regardless of which industry you are from!

A stringent PLAN A  laid the foundations for success.
But how does it actually work?

For example, if a man would like to win over a woman, he HAS TO first of all decide:

Would I like this woman?


Do I want THIS woman!?

Many people would say that there is very little difference between the two formulations; HOWEVER, in one of the cases, their mental system in the brain will quickly support them in executing their plan, whereas this is not the case for the other formulation…

                Sales: would I like this customer or do I want THIS customer?

In the case of ‚I want‘ the person will develop a PLAN A, because he has his eyes on just one woman, and not on Woman B and Woman C.

                Sales: I must always completely focus on a customer without getting distracted.

What is the logical stringency in this case?

Of course, the logic of the matter is not only getting closer to the woman in every respect (here, we are still on ‚I would like‘), but also to now think about all of the positive and potentially negative consequences.

These can be:

This woman does not see the whole thing like him, i.e. she will not fall in love with him.

Sales: the customer absolutely does not need the product you are trying to sell.

This would quickly lead to the end of Plan A.

In today’s society, it has become more and more common to establish short-term „relationships“. Is the PLAN A of our applicant based on a short-term or a long-term desire for success?

Sales: retaining the customer in the long-term MUST be the goal!

 The person must switch to methodical stringency:

He does not give up and keeps on trying without changing his PLAN A.

Sales: sales on the basis of ‘desires’ will not work in 99.9% of cases!

Short-term success for the man would be to go on several dates with the woman and nothing more.

Long-term success would be for the man to end up with a wife, children, a house etc. – i.e. the whole lot.

Sales: do I simply want short-term success with the customer or do I want to receive several orders and good referral marketing from the customer?


Step 1:

Come up with PLAN A

–          Short-term or long-term

Step 2:

Establishing contact

–          DDirectly or via some form of media.

–          Come across empathetically, show great intellectual coherence and be decisive.


Step 3:

First meeting in person

–          Be different to others – time to stand out!

Nowadays, men do not give woman enough attention.

Sales: small unusual gifts will generate a positive memory of the person and have nothing to do with bribery.

Do not be pushy and do not ‚seal the deal’ ‘ so-to-speak; according to your PLAN A, this should only happen in your second meeting – but definitely then!

Sales: the same applies!

Step 4:

Second meeting in person

–          Seal the deal

Up until now, the man has generally shown his best side to the women, but has also given her a few glimpses of his other sides.

Sales: the product was presented to the customer during the first meeting in an honest, decisive and complete manner and he/she was able to see the tangible benefits of the product.

The woman decides to fall in love.

Sales: the customer no longer has a choice, he WANTS to buy THIS product!

Ultimately, everything in life is about ‚selling‘ and ‚buying‘.

The ‚hI WANT to have‘ and ‚I do not WANT to have‘.

The man (the seller)

Must sell himself (the product)

And present himself in such a way that the woman (buyer)

Feels the ‚I WANT TO HAVE‘ emotion in her mind.

Valuable time is often loitered away because we are not clear about our PLAN A, i.e. we do not have a goal setting strategy and we have not trained our own powers of persuasion – be it in our personal or professional lives.

©Copyright Silvia Maute 2016 – extract from my new book „Mensch“