Walking through fire for your individual goals

(Video) Silvia Maute organizes a seminar with mental training and fire-walking in which the participants learn how they can achieve their goals in a simple manner through mental training.

Mental training provides the foundation of the subsequent fire-walking.

How can you achieve your goals?

“The fire-walking seminar helps participants to achieve their own personal goals. The fact that every human being is able to influence the perceptions of their reality is the guiding principle of the seminar”, said Silvia Maute.

By means of mental training, the individual perceptions of the participant with regards to various life issues will initially be analyzed. Through numerous exercises, the participants will then learn how they can positively influence and manage their own perceptions. This will ensure that they can better deal with perceived obstacles which stand in the way of achieving their personal goals.

The mental training prepares participants for the fire-walking and is the foundation for safely crossing the fire unscathed. The training is so effective that the participants will be able to walk across glowing coals at the end of the seminar. This experience will give the participants a feeling of strength with which they can attack their tasks. The mental exercises can be transferred to everyday life and will enable the participants to better cope with professional and private challenges.